What is hypoallergenic dog food ?

Did you know that dogs can sniff out cancer at its early stages? Well, recent studies have confirmed that. Did you also know that dogs suffer from allergies? Unfortunately, dogs, like humans, may fall victim of notorious allergic reactions, especially to food. An allergy is a condition where the body recognizes certain foreign materials as threats to its immunity and so the immune system finds a way of getting rid of these foreigners. Among the common allergic reactions in dogs is vomiting and itchy/irritated skin. These foreign materials, to other dogs, do not cause the allergic reactions, or did not cause them before on the same dog. The major cause of allergies in dogs is food. Well, not all dogs suffer from allergic reactions towards food. Also, allergies may develop in later stages of a dog’s life. It is worth to know that the continuous use of a certain food type or brand on dogs can lead to development of allergic reactions, good examples being chicken and grain.

What to do when your dog suffers from allergic reactions.

So what do you do now that your dog has developed a food allergy? Do you watch them suffer? Yeah, I knew you were smarter than that. So what do you do? First, the most immediate thing is to contact the vet. This will help determine whether the dog is really suffering from an allergy or from another illness. Then get each individual ingredient of a subject food, feed them to the dog, each separately, identify and isolate the culprit and finally make dog food from the remaining ingredients. Wow, quite a tedious task this will be, right? Luckily, this can easily be achieved by use of hypoallergenic dog food.

Hypoallergenic Dog Food. What is that?

When we talk of the aforementioned hypoallergenic food for dogs, we are talking of food that is less likely to cause an allergenic reaction in dogs. Wow, dogs do get those too? yes, they do. A hypoallergenic dog food can also be fed to a dog suffering from food intolerance- a condition where the digestion system develops difficulty in digesting certain foods. The hypoallergenic dog foods contain fewer ingredients or ingredients that the dog has never had there before. The limited number of ingredients in the hypoallergenic dog food make it super easy to narrow down to only those that the dog can consume comfortably without building up allergic reactions towards them.

Where to get that hypoallergenic dog food ?

Hypoallergenic dog foods are stocked in most animal food stores near you, with differing-but-fewer ingredients. They are plenty and diverse with improved or novel ingredients. After you discover the cause of the allergies, you can readily get the hypoallergenic dog food that lacks that subject ingredient from the stores.
Three major effective brands include:
1. Acana Singles Dog Food
2. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diets
3. Simply Nourish Dog Food

Don’t allow your dog friend to suffer painfully in the event of the notorious allergies. Get the most suitable hypoallergenic dog food so that your pet stays happy and healthy.